IceBear: Research Data Management
for Structural Biology


"Integrated" is the I in IceBear.

Imaging systems

IceBear can import images, plates, etc., from your imaging system.

IceBear supports Formulatrix imagers running RockMaker out of the box. Some support for Rigaku Minstrel imagers is also provided.

If you have something more unusual, we can work with you to integrate it with IceBear.


IceBear can transmit crystal shipment information to the synchrotron, with no re-typing, file uploading, etc. It can also link directly to the shipment and to the individual crystals in the synchrotron's systems.

Currently, this works with Diamond Light Source, MAX-IV and ESRF, but we are working to expand support to all ISPyB synchrotrons. If you use (or run) a synchrotron not included here, do contact us.

We are also developing tools for dataset retrieval and management.

Home X-ray sources

IceBear can supply a task list of marked crystals to a plate scanner. We are working with device manufacturers to develop this further.

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